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About Sports Medicine Specialists Clinic

The Sports Medicine Specialists is the premier Sports Medicine Clinic in Canada.  The clinic was established in 1991 by Dr. Michael Clarfield and Dr. Darrell Ogilvie-Harris.  From the original location at Yonge and Eglinton, it has now expanded to Brampton.  We are the largest and most progressive Sports Medicine Clinic in Canada.

At The Sports Medicine Specialists you will receive the highest quality care by physicians and therapists who care.  Our goal is to return you to your activity at a higher level than even prior to your injury.  We will have you back as soon and as safe as possible.  We provide care to many Professional Athletes/Olympic Athletes/Professional Dancers and the "average athlete".  We utilize the same principles to give you the highest quality and latest techniques to ensure you are getting the best.


Sports Medicine is perhaps the fastest growing field in medicine. Although the field of Sports Medicine dates back to the gladiators in the roman Empire it was only in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s that the boom in Sports Medicine started in North America. This coincided with the great interest in personal fitness and professional sports at that time.

Prior to that time Physicians who dealt with Sports Injuries were mainly taking care of Professional Athletes. The knowledge of how to treat the injuries and medical problems related to sport was limited and there was minimal access for the general public who was greatly increasing their activity with the fitness boom in the early 1980’s.

This prompted a demand from the general public for Physicians who had an expertise in dealing with their sports injuries and more importantly understood their needs to maintain activity. They were not going to accept their local physician’s advice to simply rest or quit their activity which had become such an important asset to their life. It was becoming evident and soon research confirmed that an active lifestyle was perhaps the most important ingredient for longevity and an enhanced quality of life.

In the early 1980’s Dr. Michael Clarfield became the first full time physician practicing Sports Medicine in Ontario. He was a true pioneer in the field. The demand was huge. Finally athletes and fitness enthusiasts had someone to see who understood their needs and had the expertise to advise them through their injuries.

At that time Dr. Clarfield was somewhat frustrated in that while he gave his clientele advice how to treat their injuries, when they somewhere for treatment more often than not the practitioners who were treating them did not have the expertise and attitude to deal with their injuries with what was required.

He had a dream to develop a clinic with selectively chosen personnel to provide his athletes with the service and treatment they demanded and deserved. While working at the sports clinic at The Toronto Western Hospital Dr. Clarfield met an up and coming Orthopedic surgeon who also had an interest in Sports Medicine named Dr. Darrell Ogilvie –Harris. He too shared the dream of something big.

After several years of planning they opened The Sports Medicine Specialists in 1991. They accumulate the highest quality staff to work together to one common goal. That was to provide the highest quality of care to an active population. They recruited all practitioners to provide a “one stop” location for athletes.

When someone comes to The Sports Medicine Specialists they know that everyone they will see there will have the utmost of knowledge to enhance their recovery. They know that everything they will need (except surgery) will be available to them.
The Sports Medicine Specialists has now grown to be the largest Sports Medicine Clinic in Canada. There are now over 11 physicians and 17 therapists committed along with the other staff to ensure you will receive the utmost of Sports Medicine care.

The Physicians and therapists have lectured throughout North American and Internationally with their expertise in treating Sports Injuries. They have published numerous articles in respected medical journals. They have written regular columns in local newspapers and are constantly interviewed from local and international media. Nowhere will you find a staff with the education, knowledge and expertise that is available at the Sports Medicine Specialists.

We have provided care to

  • The Toronto Maple Leafs
  • NHL
  • The Toronto Argonauts
  • The Toronto FC
  • The National Ballet of Canada
  • The Olympic Games
  • The Commonwealth Games
  • Spidertech UCI Pro Cycling Team
  • Tennis Canada Davis Cup/Fed Cup and Development Teams
  • Numerous International National Teams events

The most important thing is that we CARE. With this wealth of knowledge and caring nowhere will you have a better experience than at The Sports Medicine Specialists. We pride ourselves on this premise.

Our mission statement is “To be the undisputed leader in Sports Medicine in Canada”. There is no doubt that we have established our goal and will constantly endeavor to ensure that we will maintain and meet that expectation.