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imageMatthew DiNardo | Personal Trainer, Toronto

BA (Honours) Kinesiology, Certified Athletic Therapist CAT(C) - Matt completed his Undergraduate Degree in Kinesiology and Certificate in Athletic Therapy at York University. He has worked with a number of varsity sports teams at York as well as semi-professional soccer, hockey, and rugby teams across Ontario. He has worked in various multi-disciplinary clinics and strength and conditioning facilities throughout his career. His specialized skill sets as an Athletic Therapist allow him to safely and effectively help you reach your goals in areas such as: weight loss, muscular development, return to sport/work/activity, increasing mobility, flexibility, stability, and strength of all joints and their surrounding musculature, and overall improvement of movement through corrective exercise and dynamic functional training methods. Matt has experience in treating a wide variety of athletic injuries as well as orthopedic conditions and continues to live an active lifestyle by playing hockey, tennis, volleyball, and soccer.    



Andrew Midmer | Personal Trainer, Toronto

Andrew has been a strength and conditioning coach for many years.  A lifelong athlete, Andrew has worked with a wide spectrum of clients, from professional athletes to the recovering client.  Andrew brings with him knowledge, enthusiasm and a desire to help individuals and athletes improve performance and reduce injury.

In addition to daily research, some of Andrew's notable certifications include:

Burgener Olympic Lifting
Catalyst Athletics Olympic Lifting
Fascial Stretch Therapy Essentials
DTS - AE and PD
CrossFit Endurance
Matt Lalonde Nutrition