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Door to door physiotherapy services where the therapist provides treatment table, portable modalities, hands on treatment, assistance with exercises and a liaison to SMS and the services we provide. Patients will enjoy customized treatments, flexible appointment times and locations, longer sessions and one-one attention from their physio. In addition to typical physiotherapy services, we are also able to provide aquatic therapy rehab, perfect for gait retraining, arthritis patients and shoulder rehab.
Physiotherapist will travel directly to patient’s home/condo/apt or even office, anywhere within 15 km of SMS.
PT Home Visits are ideal for people that either can’t make it to the clinic (due to pain or mobility issues) or would simply prefer being treated in their own home. Home visits may especially appeal to the following patients:
•        Post surgical eg. Total Joint replacement, Knee surgery, etc.
•        Acute patients eg. Sciatica, back pain, immediately post injury
•        Recently discharged from hospital
•        Pre & Post Partum Women
•        Elderly patients
•        Busy professionals eg. Doctors, lawyers, executives, families
Flexible appointment times including mornings, evenings and weekends are available starting today.
If you have inquiries or would like to schedule a Physio Home Visit, or if you or they have any questions, please direct all inquiries to Patrick Mayne.  Patrick can be reached at or 647-622-3311.