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Isokinetics at The Sports Medicine Specialists

Isokinetics at The Sports Medicine Specialists offers pioneering breakthroughs in neuromuscular testing and rehabilitation using the latest technology of The Biodex System 3.  Patients are provided with fast, effective and documented information about targeted muscle groups.

Techniques and Applications

Isokinetic Mode

  • Impact free accerleration eliminates joint trauma during the achievement of high-speed work
  • Applied torque response ensures that the patient’s limb velocity increases or decreases in proportion to the force applied.  This allows full neuromuscular control of the movement.
  • Ability to do both concentric and eccentric contractions.

Passive Motion Mode

  • Speeds slow enough to overcome the natural stretch reflex.

Isometric Mode

  • Initiate an active muscular contraction without joint movement.
  • Monitor strength gains when excessive motion is a concern.

Kinaesthetic Awareness

  • Protocol for proprioceptive and kinaesthesia training.

Quantitative and Objective

A comparison to the patient’s unaffected limb and to normative data quantifies the exact readiness to return to activity.

  • Conditions Best Suited
  • ACL reconstructive surgery
  • Ankle injuries and surgery
  • Shoulder injuries and surgery
  • Knee injuries
  • Elbow injuries