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Stem Cell Injections



We will mix Platelet Rich Plasma from your blood with Mesenchymal Stem cells from your bodies’ adipose tissue.   The platelets are a bioactive component of blood. When platelets are activated in your body they release growth factors and other morphologic hormones that stimulate healing and tissue regeneration.

Mesenchymal Stem Cells are capable of differentiate into many different cell types for the repair or growth of bone cartilage and connective tissue. Adipose (fat) tissue is very rich in these types of Stem Cells. Once the stem cells are injected into the osteoarthritic joint it is the theory that they will recognize the damaged tissue and work to reduce the inflammation and repair the damaged area. While we are in the beginning phases of good clinical research basic science supports the use of this treatment to improve the joint function.


A stem cell procedure is used to treat your Osteoarthritic Knee Joint.


The collection of adipose tissue is a minimally invasive procedure that can be performed in your physician’s office using local anesthesia. 

Adipose tissue collection and preparation includes several key steps:

  • Your clinician begins by cleaning, draping and anesthetizing the area where the adipose tissue will be drawn from—usually the lower abdomen.
  • After the area is numb, a syringe is used to gently aspirate a small volume of fat tissue. Most commonly, 20 mL to 60 mL is needed.
  • The adipose tissue from the syringe is placed into a medical device designed to concentrate the collection while you wait.
  • The area of your body where the concentrated adipose tissue is needed is anesthetized, and the concentrated adipose tissue is delivered.


Your joint may be very sore for the first few days after the injection and may be somewhat sore and achy for several weeks. You can ice the joint for 20 minutes at a time and reduce impact activity. While some people will start to feel the results in a few weeks it may take 2-3 months to feel the full benefit. The area where we harvested the adipose tissue may be somewhat achy as well and you may notice some subtle bruising in the area.


As this is a medical procedure generally not covered under extended health insurance plans unless you have a discretionary component of your plan to use as you desire.