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Sport Medicine Physicians / Surgeons

The Sports Medicine Specialists offer a full complement of Sports Medicine Physicians. All of the Sports Medicine Physicians have specialized training in the field of Sports Medicine. Most of the physicians have completed a fellowship in sports Medicine and have obtained a Diploma in Sports Medicine from the Canadian Academy of Sports Medicine.

The Physicians at The Sports Medicine Specialists provide coverage to many Professional Teams, Professional Dance companies, and Olympic Athletes. The Physicians have provided coverage for The Toronto Maple Leafs, The NHL, The Toronto Argonauts, The Toronto FC, Spidertech UCI Pro Cycling Team, The Toronto Rock, University of Toronto Varsity Teams, York University Varsity Teams, and The National Ballet of Canada. They have travelled internationally to cover the Olympic Games as well as many other international events with various Olympic level teams (Please see individual bios).

With this vast array of knowledge and experience they will assess any problem you may encounter and develop a complete plan to get you back to your sport and/or activities as quickly and as safe as possible. Rest assured that you will be assessed by the highest quality physicians in Canada.

They will perform a complete Sport specific history and physical examination. They will utilize any and all investigations to ensure you will have a specific diagnosis. Only when this is established can one develop a thorough and complete plan to ensure we are doing everything possible to either cure your problem or help you manage any problem that is presented to us.

The Physicians will incorporate all of the services at The Sports Medicine Specialists to ensure we are maximising your recovery. If needed they will coordinate other outside services that may be required at a hospital or from other medical personal. The physicians also may incorporate injection therapy to help your problem. Injection therapy may include Platelet Rich Plasma injections, Hyaluronic Acid Injections or cortisone injections.

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